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Critical Projects & Global Partners 

Projets vitaux et partenaires mondiaux

At present our projects revolve around areas of Local World's Importance. The alleviation of Poverty and the Creation of abundance starts with 'Me'. A Mindful, conscious decision to be the Change Agent. DAS Pathways, JITL and JITWA are working with Governments, Internationally renowned business partners and Local, private organisations, individuals and bodies to provide expertise and quality consultancy and facilitation to 'Make Change Happen' at all levels of society. We are the Bridge of Opportunity, Transformation and Innovation for any company or individual wishing to venture, with confidence, into West Africa, Asia, Europe or the continent of Africa.
À l'heure actuelle, nos projets tournent autour de domaines d'importance pour le monde local. L'atténuation de la pauvreté et la création de l'abondance commence par «Moi». Une décision consciente et consciente d'être l'agent de changement. DAS Pathways, JITL et JITWA travaillent avec des gouvernements, des partenaires commerciaux de renommée internationale et des organisations locales, privées, des particuliers et des organismes pour fournir une expertise et des conseils et une assistance de qualité pour `` faire bouger les choses '' à tous les niveaux de la société. Nous sommes le pont des opportunités, de la transformation et de l'innovation pour toute entreprise ou individu souhaitant s'aventurer, en toute confiance, en Afrique de l'Ouest, en Asie, en Europe ou sur le continent africain.
Social and Economic Housing, Further Education & Schools

Quality social housing and apartments for families and the provision of local schools and education expertise, to provide meaningful, 21 Century education, are essential ingredients in any stable and successful Nation's wishes for its citizens. DAS Pathways/JITL and JITWA and their partners provide and facilitate this expertise and infrastructure, purpose built and tested to the highest standards at an affordable and realistic cost.   

Commodities &       ECO Marketing

Commodities are universal and universally sought after. Most times they form the economic stability of Nations and small communities. We seek to empower people, communities, businesses and governments to more effectively and efficiently market their commodities and produce to create wealth and abundance for all.

International Franchising in West Africa

 DAS Pathways, JITL and JITWA with their International network of experts in DC Strategy Global  will advise, facilitate and guide your company in licensing the right to duplicate a successful business franchise and format in West Africa.  

Critical Projects
Without Limits Infrastructure

Clients in every region of the world depend on our partners' ability to design, build and often finance and operate their most critical projects. Our partners' technical knowledge, local, expert connections and broad market experience allow us to deliver specialized services across the entire project life cycle, without limits.




Agriculture &        Agri-Business

As a successful Agricultural and Agri-Business Nation, Ireland is a shining example of how a small country can turn quality agricultural produce and knowledge into a global success story. We at JITL and JITWA are creating a Global market for the sharing of this expertise and the expansion into new and emerging markets in West Africa with partners such  Keenan Systems Ireland and AllTech Global.

Solar Energy, Eco Waste Management Systems & Conferencing

In today's world we are surrounded and plagued by issues surrounding waste and carbon emissions. We at JITL and JITWA have partnered with global experts to provide natural, ethical and ecologically sound solutions to the needs of modern society and emerging Nations. Kilmurn Limited,  with extensive experience in Europe, Africa and the Middle East, are our experts!!

Human Rresources Management Strategy & Policy

DAS Pathways, JITL and JITWA have joined forces with NPAworldwide as their global recruiting network for independent recruiters. NPAworldwide is the oldest recruiting network of its kind, with an international membership of recruiting firms located throughout Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa and the Americas.

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